How does the Chiara's online program work?

Chiara’s online platform is an online salsa program which will take your dance  to the next level. You will have accesso to pre-recorded video classes for all levels and you’ll have the opportunity to join every week a live session with Chiara on Zoom.

The charges are monthly and as long as you are subscribed, you will have access to all the videos and live session!

CALI MEMBERSHIP: you’ll have access to all the pre-recorded materials.
HAVANA MEMBERSHIP: you’ll have access to all the pre-recorded materials and to the weekly live session on Zoom of 90 min. If you cannot join it live because of different time zone, the full session will be added to the special section “LIVE CLASS” and will be available forever.
NEW YORK: You’ll have access to all the pre-recorded materials, to all the weekly live classes and also to the online Choreographic World Team.

SAN JUAN MEMBERSHIP: you’ll have access to the weekly live OPEN CLASS . After the registration you’ll get the Zoom link to join and the full video available 5 days after the live session. 

Can I sign up anytime?

Yes. All my videos will be available on the video library and also every month I’ll add new and progressive video classes for any level!

Can I join single classes?

Yes. Is possible to join the weekly live classes on Zoom even if you aren’t member of my program. You can register for the single class , the package of 4 classes or update for one of the membership anytime!

How often will videos be added to the platform?

Every week will be added the video from the live classes on Zoom and the pre-recorded video classes will be added monthly: 2 or more for beginner and 2 or more for intermediate/advanced level.

How long is each video?

The length depend on the lesson, but generally from 10 min to 30 min.

When am I charged for my monthly membership?

You will be charged the monthly fee automatically to your credit card at the same time each month based on the day you first signed up.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. For the cancellation, you will have to go to your billing part in your profile: there you can cancel the subscription or you can update the card if it has to be changed for any reason.