What to expect?

  • 2 rehearsals for month of 90 min with me.
    The day of training will be on Tuesday, approximately around 7pm Italian time, live on Zoom. Been live will be very important but if you can not be online, because of the different time zones, the full video will be available for one week whenever you want!
  • Personal feedback during the live training and through video during the week with no live training.
  • Access to my technique classes.
  • WhatsApp group to create a community and to share tips/feedback/communications.
  • Performance at the best international salsa events with reduced price for the performance passes.
  • Private classes price discounted.
  • Chiara Tofani top as a gift (only given in person).

Who can participate?

  • Ladies and Gentlemen are welcome!
  • Dancers from advanced beginner level.
    My unique style will be a challenge for all the levels, is very important have solid basic of salsa on2, a nice control of body movement and a big intention to work hard!

Which style you will learn?

Chiara’s style which is a mix between mambo, afro Cuban, afro Contemporary. The choreography will be danced barefoot, so no dance shoes.


Solo vivo pa quererte choreography will be worked from October to April. For the events after April will be organized special training before the congresses.

What is the pricing?

The monthly will be 55$.

Terms of payment: At the subscription will be necessary to pay 3 months (from October to January). On January will be played 4 months (From January to April).
Paypal: (170$)
Venmo: Chiara-Tofani (165$)
Zelle: (165$)

Training at the congresses?

The extra training at the events are not included in the price of the online rehearsal, depending of the hours of the rehearsal will be added a quote from 50 to 100$ (usually I do 5/6 hrs of training).

Chiara Tofani world team has been already invited at some international salsa events:

  • MDN internacional Salsa Congress USA (New Jersey) February 3/5
  • Zeno Latin Festival, ITALY (Napoli) April 13/15
  • Portland Salsa Congress, USA (Portland) June 16/19
  • San Francisco SBK USA (San Francisco) Nov. 2023

Many other date will be added.

It is possible to train and not to perform?

Absolutely YES. Not everyone loves to perform, but if you want to learn the choreography and join the training of course you’ll be welcome!

Is anyone allowed to perform?

Before to choose a formation for every event I will ask a full video from everyone and I’ll evaluate the preparation of each one.
Requirements: perfect musicality, memory, and great body movement control. 

Is it possible to perform the show individually?

It is absolutely prohibited perform the show privately. 
If you’re  a professional dancers and have a team it is possible to buy the choreography and be able to perform it with your personal team, email me for more info


During the first month I’ll communicate the official costume. Everyone will find a designer in own city and will provide to the own costume.

Date of rehearsal

October: 18th/25th
November: 8th/22nd
December: 6th/20th
January: 17th/31st
February: 7th/21st
March: 7th/14th
April: 4th/11th
(Possibility of variation).