Chiara Tofani


Would you like to train personally ONLINE with me, learn my choreography and perform with me around the world?

Spread passion, strength, encouragement has been always my goal. I want to use my experiences to demonstrate that everyone can make their dreams come true and I want to spread my voice and share my knowledge  as dancer with a dance community who has my  same passion and determination.

Join my online choreographic world team and you’ll have the opportunity to learn directly from me my style, my technique, my musicality  and  choreographic  expressiveness  as if you are in the studio doing  a private training with me!

After learning the choreography online, get ready to travel and meet me at the best salsa congresses in the world to dance with me and the whole team!


USA, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Japan, France, Peru, Netherlands

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Solo vivo pa quererte

Season from October 2022 to April 2023

Level: intermediate/advanced

Skills needed: body movement control, afro contemporary and afro-cuban technique, muscality, vary the interpretation.

Do you have a school/team and would you like to teach and perform one of my choreography?

If you’re a team leader and you would love to start a Chiara Tofani world team in your city, teach and perform with your team one of my choreographies is possible! 5 of my choreographys of different levels are available and  I’ll be glad to spread my voice, my style and to be represented from you  and through you and your team around the world.


Azuquita pal cafè

Level: advanced beginner/ intermediate

Skills needed: body movement control, vary the musicality and type of interpretation.

Mi salsa

Level: intermediate

Skills needed: musicality, speed, footwork and body movement control.

Mi loca

Level: advanced beginner/ intermediate

Skills needed: elegance, musicality, footwork and body movement control.

Amor silvestre

Level: intermediate/advanced

Skills needed:musicality, footwork and body movement control.